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About Southwest Landscape Designs
Southwest Landscape Designs has provided the complete package of backyard landscape design ideas construction for the past 40 years. We follow up with you on your backyard landscape design ideas needs. We try to be mindful of the environmental issues providing green solutions and drought tolerant gardens as we design your backyard landscape design ideas project. Please call Southwest Landscape Designs at 951-694-1416 or email us for a consultation to discuss your needs and wants.
What Makes Us Unique?
Southwest Landscape Designs has been working with homeowners for over 40 years. We feel that we work well with homeowners and their individual styles and needs on all of your backyard landscape design ideas projects. The designer is just a call away if anyone needs to talk to him. Southwest Landscape Designs takes pride in their backyard landscape design ideas. The owner has a landscape degree from the University of Arizona, therefore is familiar with desert landscaping. We have an award for Water wise Landscape from the Eastern Municipal Water District. Please call Southwest Landscape Designs for all of your backyard landscape design ideas needs at 951-694-1416.
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Are you thinking about new landscaping around your house?  Maybe you want to start with your front yard, backyard or both.  Whatever your goal is, don't forget to consider the overall design (and colors) before you get started.  For example in your front yard, you need to think about features elevation, colors, weather patterns.  Another important detail is to consider what style you want, whether it be contemporary, Victorian, country, rustic, or other.   Tell us about your project and we will make all of your outdoor dreams come true.

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